Smart Phone Sniffers – Know every smartphone (& hence the person) that entered your Store/Premises

Get Complete Analytics on the Cloud!! Used for  In-Store Analytics, Security  & lot more

Do you BYOD?

i7 Smartphone Sniffer, an Agentless cost-effective Sniffer which provides complete details of all smartphones that enters a premises.

Some of the use cases where it this Smartphone Sniffer fits well:

  • SECURITY: Camera can pick up images in the line of sight, i7 Smartphone Sniffer, records any smartphone’s unique ID within a range of 30 meters 360-degrees.
  • No need to enforce any Supplicants. Takes care of Authentication & Authorization Automatically!!
  • Detailed Visibility of Apps including versions; Also Malicious and Unsecure Check of the Apps
  • Detection of Jailbroken & Rogue Devices
  • Device & Apps Security Risk (including vulnerability check) & Reputation Score (DRiS & DRpS)
  • Seamless integration with MDMs, MS Active Directory, LDAP, Exchange & Google Apps

Here is a list of complete features and capabilities of i7 Smartphone Sniffer.


“Security is done best when you don’t even know it exists”



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