Rappo - indian business - get your own app free; Soon the world of business will be divided into 2 parts:  Those who have Apps & those who don't (the App-Nots)Slider2-UnfairAdv-V2


"Mobile push notifications are opened & read by 97% of app subscribers"; App Notifications help you engage with your customers to a great extent; In today's Smartphone era, not knowing who is your customer & not being in touch on their mobile is a  CRIME!!

App development, management & maintenance is an Expensive Affair. Not every business can afford oneNo worries; RAPPO.IN is here to help you plunge into the App world!!  We help create your own App in  	- no time (within a few hours)  	- with extreme Ease,  	- absolutely no coding  	- nor any technical hurdles, & 	- ofcourse No Cost!!

Rappo is an app hosting, analytics & a customer engagement platform.  It helps you to create an app for your Biz,   hosts them in an exclusive compartment, provides all functionalities of having your own app without sacrificing the independence or the privacy of being one.  It provides rich customer engagement via notifications as well as many such controls to ensure you are always in touch with your customer!!  App n' Engage

BEST PART IS: IT's FREE!!; It's FAST - all it takes is a few hours!! It's FACILE - as simple as filling up an online form!!; Absolutely No Coding!!

If you want to get your Biz a FREE  App, please contact us today @  AppMyBiz4Free@AppOnTap.In