AGENTLESS, Know your BYOD’s Security RISK & REPUTATION Score

Protect your Enterprise Network, IP & Assets from Mobile Security Breaches

Do you BYOD?

i7, Agentless BYOD Security Tool applies our patent-pending algorithms to provide you complete Security Risk Visibility & Risk Analysis of all the BYODs, and then provide you with our unique Security Risk & Reputation Scores, which can be used to do a informed decision to allow or deny these devices into your network.

i7, an 100% Agentless BYOD & Apps Visibility & Security-Risk-Reputation-Scoring tool, ensures:

  • Complete & Detailed Visibility of all Devices & Apps (including versions)
  • Complete Security Risk Visibility & Risk Analysis (Jailbroken/ Rogue Devices, Unsecure/ Malicious – Apps)
  • Device Security Risk & Reputation Score (DRiS & DRpS)
  • Seamless integration with MDMs, MS Active Directory, LDAP, Exchange & Google Apps

Here is a list of complete features and capabilities of i7.


“Security is done best when you don’t even know it exists”




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