100% Agentless Way, Detect & Block all Jailbroken & Malicious Devices (BYODs) from connecting to Network

Security is done best when you don’t even know that it exists !

Visibility & Analytics

Gives a Comprehensive picture of what all devices, belonging to who, What all Apps, accessing what in the network and their security status.


Continuous Monitoring & Detailed Analytics.

Detect & Block Jailbroken & Malicious Devices

Using our Patent-Pending Technology & Intelligence, detect all Compromised (Jailbroken/Rooted) & Malicious devices and Block them from connecting to Corporate Network

BYOD Policy Enforcement

Enables & Enforces non-intrusively your Enterprise’s BYOD policy – what devices belogining to who with what security status can access what resources connecting from where – all taken care by extremely-easy drag&drop policy editor!

Mobile Assets, Audit & Compliance

Complete Mobile (including BYODs) Asset Management, Compliance Check, Accountability, Traceability and Audit Trails

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Did You Know ?

“If you are allowing mobiles or tablets (BYODs)  to connect to Corporate Network, just one Jailbroken (Rooted) device is all it takes to breach your internal network!!”

“Jailbroken devices provide backdoor access to external parties to gain access to Internal Network, leading to  all access credentials being compromised, and leading to APTs.”

“They are seen as Network Security’s Biggest Security Threat; More than 95% of all mobile enabled network breaches are from these Jailbroken devices”

“Peregrine7 with 100% Agentless Non-Intrusive Solution, ensures that all Jailbroken & Malicious devices are detected and blocked from entering the network and hence keeping your Enterprise Network  Safe & Secure!”

Video: 5-minute Presentation of the Product Value Proposition!

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“Zero-Touch/Zero-Footprint: 100% Agentless and Non-Intrusive: The User need not install any software or app or configure his device in anyway”

“Zero-Latency & Zero-Risk: OFFLINE deployment: Our Appliance connected to the mirror or SPAN port and hence deployment involves no disruption to the existing network in anyway!!”

“Installation to Results in UNDER ONE HOUR”

“Zero-Dependency: No dependency on any other Software/Systems to be operational!”

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