AGENTLESS NAC for Enterprise Wireless Network: BYOD Visibility, Security Check/Scoring, Access Control

“Airport Scan” for your BYODs to block Rogue, Unauthorized & Untrusted devices

Do you BYOD?

i7, an Agentless cost-effective Software-based NAC for your Enterprise Network which provides you all of core NAC capabilities plus applies our patent-pending algorithms to provide you complete Vulnerability analysis, Security Risk Visibility & Risk Analysis of all the BYODs and Apps, and then provide you with our unique Security Risk & Reputation Scores, which can be used to do an informed decision to allow or deny these devices into your network.  Being agentless and software based, increases security while reducing the management burden on security and networking teams.

i7, an 100% Agentless Supplicant-less NAC for your Enterprise Network to provide  BYOD & Apps Visibility, Security Check & Scoring & Granular Access-Control:

  • NAC Features: Agentless device Discovery, Visibility, Basic Security Check, & Granular Access Controls
  • No need to enforce any Supplicants. Takes care of Authentication & Authorization Automatically!!
  • Detailed Visibility of Apps including versions; Also Malicious and Unsecure Check of the Apps
  • Detection of Jailbroken & Rogue Devices
  • Device & Apps Security Risk (including vulnerability check) & Reputation Score (DRiS & DRpS)
  • Seamless integration with MDMs, MS Active Directory, LDAP, Exchange & Google Apps

Here is a list of complete features and capabilities of i7.


“Security is done best when you don’t even know it exists”




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