Agentless, Detect all personal devices (BYODs) in your Enterprise Network, Security Score them, & Enforce Policies

Smart-Secure Enterprise Network Gatekeeper for your Smart Devices (BYODs) & Smart Apps

Do you BYOD?

Today, it is extremely easy for employees to connect their personal smart devices (BYODs) to Corporate Network which goes unchecked, unmonitored and worse, creates a huge security hole. Just one device – Jailbroken (Rooted) or one with malicious App – is all it takes to breach your  network!!

i7, a 100% Agentless BYOD Gatekeeper, ensures :

  • Complete & Detailed Visibility of all Devices & Apps
  • Detect & Block  Jailbroken Devices* & Malicious Apps*
  • Application (Apps) Visibility*
  • Rank & Block Suspect Apps from connecting (via App Behavioral Analysis)
  • Blacklisting & Whitelisting of the Apps*
  • Inbuilt Device & App Behavioral Analysis & Security Intelligence
  • Device behavior based Security Reputation Score (DTI**) as well as based on Vulnerabilities (DVI**)
  • Enforce BYOD policies (Allow/Deny/Restricted Access)
  • User’s privacy untouched, due to its client-less approach!
  • Seamless integration with Mobile Device Management (MDMs)
  • Captive Portal, Guest & Contractor Access and Role based Access
  • Inbuilt mobile-specific IDS, Geo-List & Blacklisted IP-List
  • Seamless integration with MS Active Directory, Exchange & LDAP
  • Agentless, MDM-Lite capabilities with management in the cloud (Ideal for SMBs with less than 10,000 devices)

*Only company to do so without an agent

**Device Threat Index (DTI) & Device Vulnerability Index (DVI)

User NEED NOT INSTALL any software or app. Our software (virtual appliance) connects OFFLINE and hence no disruption to the existing network.

“Security is done best when you don’t even know it exists”

+App developers who want to secure their Apps, please see here

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