Over The Air (OTA) Enterprise BYOD Visibility, Security & Policy Enforcement

Security is Done Best, when you don’t even know it Exists!!

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Do you BYOD?

Just one Jailbroken (Rooted) device is all it takes to breach your  network!! Jailbroken (& Malicious) devices provide backdoor access leading to network and data breaches

Peregrine7 with 100% Agentless Solution, ensures that:

– All Jailbroken & Malicious devices are detected and blocked from entering the network

– Complete Detailed Visibility of all BYODs

– BYOD policies and Access Controls are Enforced

- User’s privacy untouched, due to its client-less approach!

– Applies for VPN Access too

The User NEED NOT INSTALL any software or app. Our appliance (virtual appliance) is  connected OFFLINE and hence no disruption to the existing network

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