100% Agentless Non-intrusive BYOD Visibility & Access-Control with Passive (Zero-Latency) deployment!!

Security is done best when you don’t even know that it exists !

Visibility & Fingerprinting

Dynamic detection & unique fingerprinting of all Devices & Apps that are trying to connect & run on the network. Continuous Monitoring & Detailed Analytics.

Security & Vulnerability analysis

Device Compromise Check (Jailbroken/Rooted) as well as mobile specific internal intrusion check, URL check, Geo Check and Vulnerability Analysis & Ratings.

Multi-Tier Access Control

Multi-Tier access controls based on Device Attributes, Apps, Protocols, Location, Time, dynamic security & vulnerability ratings/state & ofcourse User.

Device Management

By integrating with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Office365, Google Apps or Apple MDM controls, provide complete MDM features.

Did You Know ?

“If you are allowing smart devices to connect to Corporate Network, just one SSH from these devices can compromise your network!!”

“Peregrine7 with 100% Agentless Non-Intrusive Solution, ensures that all Enterprise network access from smart phones & tablets are safe & secure!”

  • Complete Visualization  & unique fingerprinting of devices, apps & protocols
  • Thorough security & vulnerability analysis
  • Preventing the rogue/ unauthorized ones from getting connected to the network
  • Multi-Tier Granular Access Control
  • Mobile Device Management Controls (by Integration with Microsoft Exchange)

  • 100% Agentless and Non-Intrusive (Zero-Touch/Zero-footprint)
  • Out-of-Band deployment (Zero-Latency & Zero-Risk)
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